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Care2Talk and The Benefits it Offers to People Living in Care Homes

August 9, 2021

Being able to grow old is a privilege that unfortunately comes with many trials and tribulations. As an elderly persons health starts to deteriorate, they may need to consider moving into a care home. Fortunately, these facilities were built specifically with the needs of the elderly in mind.

Most care homes have around the clock doctors and nurses available to their elderly residents as well as a variety of activities that give them the ability to make the most of their lives in the facility that they have chosen. 

Moving to a care home can be a bittersweet experience for many of our elderly generation. While they are happy to have the piece of mind that they will be looked after at all times in a care home it also means that they may have to move further from their families and the people that they love.


At Care2Talk we realize how important it is for your elderly loved one to be able to contact with their family and friends at any time without physically having to see them. This is what drove us to design an application that is greatly beneficial to those living in care homes.


The Benefits of Care2Talk 

Care2Talk identified that there was a gap in services available to connect seniors or people with dementia or cognitive disabilities with their caretakers, family,or friends. Essentially, we are an easy-to-use portal for both admins and care homes.

Care2Talk restores connectivity for the elderly. This can significantly help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.  It is important to note that a senior citizens well-being can be negatively impacted due to the lack of connectivity with family and friends.

Unfortunately,services like Skype or other video calling applications proved too confusing for many senior citizens to navigate and use.  

Care2Talk has the ability to allow for a better exchange of information since both speaker and listener are able to see and interpret body language and facial

How Does Care2Talk Work?

Care2Talk is a video technology platform that provides an easy to use and secure product for care facilities to connect with their various loved ones seamlessly.

ThisiOS/Android App uses a specially designed interface on a mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive decline and other impairments who may find alternative methods difficult to navigate.  

This includes people who are suffering from conditions associated with:

-       Aging & Dementia

-       Cognitive andDevelopmental Disabilities

-       Bain Injuries

-       Vision Impairment

-       Physical Disabilities


Click on this video to find out more about our application.

We Offer Flexible Pricing Tailored for your Needs

At Care2Talk we offer a variety of plans to cater for every individual’s needs.

·      Monthly – $15

·      Annually – $135

*Cancel anytime

Care Homes Who Want More Than 50 devices

-      Care2Talk offers custom prices for care homes who want to purchase more than 50 tablets. Feel free to contact us for a custom pricing plan to accommodate your needs.

Our tablets come at a cost of $199 per tablet. This is a one-time fee. After this the care home owns the tablets which are reusable and can be passed on to other seniors.


Care2Talk Features


Simple Touch Video Calling With CC

To initiate a video call just simply touch! Closed Caption is included as a option with all tablets.

Care2Talk’s Web Portal

The Care2Talk app was designed with care homes in mind. Manage all devices and payments from our Web portal.

Closed Network

We make it easy to share contacts and information all over the world. Connection just got easier!

Remote Access

Account administrators can easily make changes to contacts, view recorded conversations, or even troubleshoot issues from any location in the world.

At Care2Talk we have committed ourselves to cater for seniors who want to stay in touch with their loved one by simply touching a button. Our application allows time saving as there is no need to send connect links and an unlimited number of contacts can be added to each tablet.

We work on real time data and offer unlimited calling at no extra fees. Care2Talk also takes pride in offering seamless onboarding for those who want to make use of our application.

Our supporting services consist of:

-      Site visits

-      24/7 support (call and email)

-      Updates to web portal quarterly

-      Tablet support and warranty

-      White glove service

-      Enterprise customers will receive a custom support package

Let’s us help you to connect seniors to their loved ones - it's just one simple touch away! 

Don’t Delay 

Time is precious, especially for the elderly. The more time that they are able to connect with their loved ones the better it will be for all concerned.  

There are going to be times when you are unable to physically visit your loved one in a care home as family life and work commitments often tend to get in the way.This unfortunately can have a big negative impact on our loved ones who are desperate to stay in contact with their family and friends.

At Care2Talk we are here to bridge that gap!

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