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Goodbye Pen And Paper: Video Communication Is Here To Stay

August 13, 2021

Pen and paper are a thing of the past. Unfortunately during our parents and grandparents era, writing letters and socializing with others physically was the way of the world and there was no need for technology such as cell phones and tablets. 

As technology gradually began to enter their lives many elderly people would turn their nose up at learning how to use video calling applications or any other application for that matter.

Even if they were interested to learn how to use new technology most would battle to navigate their way through all the buttons and links that had to be clicked on in order to connect with their loved ones.

Care2Talk understands how hard it can be for the elderly to interact by making use of video calling and technology and with this in mind created the Care2Talk application.

This application is easy to navigate and can even be remotely accessed by an elderly persons loved ones from anywhere in the world.This being said, it is an extremely easy application to use, and most elderly people will take to it like a duck to water! 

Modern Technology: Care2Talk and The Elderly

Modern technology has paved the way for multiple devices to integrate into our society.  These devices have become increasingly faster, portable, and high-powered than ever before and has given many people the ability to make their lives easier, faster, and more convenient.

Various platforms such as cell phones and tablets have made it possible for millions of people to view a video stream from anywhere in the world at any time.

When it comes to the elderly living in care homes this can make an exponential difference in overcoming the way in which they are able to communicate with family and loved ones.

Unfortunately most of these video calling applications have proven to be too confusing for many senior citizens to navigate and use to help keep them socially connected.

Care2Talk identified that there was a lack of applications that were easy to navigate for senior citizens as well as people living with dementia and other cognitive or physical disabilities in care homes.

We decided to make a video technology application that would provide the elderly with an easy-to-use application that would enable them to connect to their love ones without any difficulty. 

Care2Talkis an iOS/Android App which uses a specially designed interface on a mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive decline, or other impairments, which may make alternatives difficult to navigate.

This includes conditions associated with:

• Aging & Dementia
• Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities
• Brain Injuries
• Vision and Hearing Impairments (CC)
• Physical Disabilities & Mobility Restrictions


Care2Talk is an all-in-one platform that allows you to connect to loved ones much easier and is the best accessible mobile appsolution to make secure and fast video calls to anyone no matter how old you are!

Care2Talk offers one of the easiest ways to video call for the older generation. Audio and video communication has now become a breeze and our simple-to-use tablets are extremely user-friendly and have a smart display that is easy for any senior touse.

We Offer Flexible Pricing Tailored for your Needs


At Care2Talk we offer a variety of plans to cater for every individual’s needs.

Care2Talk Monthly Plan

-      This plan can be cancelled at any time.

-      $15 per month or $135 per year.

Care Homes Who Want More Than 50 devices

-      Care2Talk offers custom prices for care homes who want to purchase more than 50 devices. Feel free to contact us for a custom pricing plan to accommodate your needs.

Our tablets come at a cost of $199 per tablet. This is a one-time fee.After this the care home owns the tablets which are reusable and can be passed on to other senior citizens.

The first 10 care homes to subscribe with us will receive a BOGO (Buy one, get one)pricing plan!

The Care2Talk Features


Care2Talks remote access allows administrators to make changes to contacts, view recorded conversations and even troubleshoot any issues from anywhere in the world.

There is unlimited onboarding training and support,and we will work with you to ensure that you fully understand how all of our tools and features work. We offer training videos, virtual face-face meetings,and full support from out IT team.

Ability to integrate with care homes directly using their internal systems:

• Family and Friends outside the care home
• Friends within the care home
• Connect to admin (care aide, front-end admin staff, kitchen, in-house doctor)

Unlimited Onboarding Training and Support

Care2Talk will work with you to ensure full understanding of our tools and features with training videos, face to face (virtually), and full support from our IT team - white glove support!

Yearly Updates

As technology changes, our Care2Talk customers will receive the latest version when rolling out updates atno additional cost


The Long-Term Benefits of The Care2Talk App

It is important to bear in mind that the residents of a care facility are often battling emotionally and psychologically because of the fact that they are unable to keep in touch as much as they would like with their loved ones.

Depression can become quite prevalent in elderly people who are unable to maintain relationships with others.


-       The Care2Talk application restores face-to-face connectivity in order to help reduce stress, anxiety,and depression in the elderly.

-       Allows for a better exchange of information since both speaker and listener are able to see and interpret body language and facial expressions.

-       Technology has given senior citizens a new way to interact with loved ones without  having to physically be around them. This is especially beneficial for elderly loved ones who are frailand susceptible to germs that could be carried in by visitors.

-       Current technology also allows seniors with limited mobility to have the opportunity to communicate and spend time with friends and family.  

Factors to Consider if You Are A Care Home


It is extremely important for caregivers working in a care home to understand how critical socializing is for the elderly as well as how lack of communication can affect the mental and emotional health of their residents.

-       Care2Talk used in care homes can assist the clinical work-process ability and can help to treat and foster faster healthcare delivery to elderly patients.

-       It is critical that care home staff set up schedules in which they can assist their residents to make use of video calling to contact their families on a regular basis.

-       Video calling and technology is often a new experience for many residents, and staff need to spend time assisting the elderly to be able to use technology that is unfamiliar to them.


For more information on the Care2Talk application please don’t hesitate to contact us to that we can be of assistance and help you find the package that best suits the needs of your facility.

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