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The Benefits of Care2Talk

December 8, 2020

Care2Talk is a video technology platform that provides an easy to use and secure product for care facilities, ministries, institutes, and universities to connect with their various constituents seamlessly.

Covid-19 has affected individuals around the world in various ways, but some people have been worse hit than others.  For many, it has been lockdown at home with their families.

Although sitting at home with the family for days on end has not been the most ideal setting for some people, there are others such as the elderly living in care homes that have had nobody but themselves to rely on during a time that will go down in history.

Why are They Alone?

The risk for severe illness with COVID-19 increases with age, and older adults are at a significantly highest risk.  Take for instance people in their 50’s who are at higher risk than people in their 40’s for severe illness.  

The same applies to people in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s.  The higher a person’s age, the higher the risk for severe illness especially if they contract Covid-19. This is why the elderly have had to stay as isolated as possible during the pandemic.

When it comes to older people who are already suffering from pre-existing medical conditions these risks increase dramatically.  It is a fact that many people in their senior years suffer from cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease or diabetes.

Studies have shown that more than 50% of all fatalities due to Covid-19 have involved people who are 80 years or older in age. Reports are also showing that 8 out of 10 of these deaths are occurring in individuals that suffer from at least one comorbidity from various other chronic underlying conditions.

Communication Solutions for The Elderly

Care2Talk is a video technology platform that provides an easy to use and secure product for care facilities, ministries, institutes, and universities to connect with their various constituents seamlessly.

This iOS/Android App uses a specially designed interface on a mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive decline and other impairments who may find alternative methods difficult to navigate.

This includes people who are suffering from conditions associated with:

The Risks Associated with Loneliness in The Elderly

The misery and suffering caused by chronic loneliness is a very real problem and needs attention.  Humans are a naturally social species, and we need to hold ourselves accountable to do our utmost to help treat loneliness and anxiety in the elderly.

When a person loses the sense of connection that they have with the world it can often cause them to lose their overall perception of the world.  Chronic feelings of loneliness can lead to people feeling threatened and mistrustful of others. This in turn activates a biological defense mechanism,

A human being’s connection to others enables us to survive and thrive. Yet, as we age, many of us are alone more often than when we were younger. This can leave us vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness associated with Covid-19 and other related health problems such as cognitive decline, depression, and heart disease.

Fortunately, Care2Talk has found a way in which to counteract these negative effects.

How Covid-19 Inspired Care2Talk

As Covid-19 hit the world with force, face-to face connectivity was lost between seniors and their loved ones. Care to talk worked hard to restore this connectivity in order to help reduce the stress, anxiety and depression that comes with loneliness in our senior citizens.

For some elderly people, services like Skype or other video calling applications proved too be too confusing to navigate and use.  At Care2Talk we realized that there was a huge gap in the services available to connect seniors or people with dementia or cognitive disabilities with their caretakers, family or friends. Our application allows for a better exchange of information since both speaker and listener are able to see and interpret body language and facial expressions.

What Makes Care2Talk Different from The Rest?


  1. Simple touch video calling. To initiate a video call, tap the call button next to your online contact in config mode or tap on the online contact in client mode. Once in a call on config mode, you can choose to hide your video, mute yourself, flip the camera or hang up.
  2. Closed System: The Care2Talk number is the unique identifier and is used when adding contacts.
  3. Remote access allows administrators to make changes to contacts, view recorded conversations and even troubleshoot any issues from anywhere in the world.
  4. There is unlimited onboarding training and support.  Care2Talk will work with you to ensure that you fully understand how all our tools and features work. We offer training videos, virtual face-face meetings and full support from out IT team.
  5. We offer yearly updates as technology changes and we will make sure that our customers receive the latest version when rolling out our updates at no extra charge.

How Effective Communication in Care Homes Can Benefit Our Elderly

When better communication techniques are enforced in settings where staff work with older patients, such as nursing homes, it can lead to higher life satisfaction and quality of life as well as a decrease in depression and aggression rates for patients.

Good communication helps patients feel at ease.  On some occasions when senior citizens do not feel at ease they tend to speak out of character and can sometimes even seem a bit rude or aggressive. It is important for these patients to have good and effective communication with health care workers as this will reduce their anxiety and build their confidence.

Resident and care relationships are hugely important and often residents are able to adapt their lifestyle or even take some more responsibility for their own self-medication and self-management. This can only be done if the patient fully understands that what to do is important and cannot be taken lightly. This can only be achieved through effective communication methods.

Improving Communication Care Homes

Guidelines to Improve Communication in Care Homes

Care2Talk allows for the ability of integration in care homes by using their application directly within the internal systems of the care home.  Senior citizens are able to have contact with not only family and friends, but also with the care home administration, care-aide, kitchen and in-house doctor. This can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining the emotional health of both patients and caregivers in the care home environment during Covid-19.

Care2Talk is a one touch solution when connecting to loved ones.

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