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The Complications of Using Zoom and Skype In the Senior Population

December 14, 2020

Care2Talk noticed a huge gap in the ability of the older generation to be able to connect with others during the uncertainty of the pandemic and has since endeavored to connect our elderly to other people within care homes, doctors, loved ones and even the kitchen situated on the premises of their facility.

“It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks” is the phrase that probably sticks out the most when trying to teach our elderly family member how to use Zoom, Skype or other applications and devices.


Unfortunately, in this day in age and with Covid-19 being a huge threat to the health of our senior citizens it is critical for them to be able to feel connected with their families while living in isolation.


Care2Talk noticed a huge gap in the ability of the older generation to be able to connect with others during the uncertainty of the pandemic and has since endeavored to connect our elderly to other people within care homes, doctors, loved ones and even the kitchen situated on the premises of their facility.


Why Older People are Less Likely to Adapt to Technology


Remember that senior citizens were not born into technology. One of the challenges facing older adults with respect to technology is the fact that most are not confident enough in their own ability to learn how to properly make use of electronic devices.


This coupled with a lack of confidence in their own ability to use digital technology creates the need for them to be shown how to make use of new devices and applications.


Let’s face facts, we all know at least one older person who can barely text a message let alone have the ability to learn and apply themselves to everyday mobile applications.  This is due to the fact that they do not feel confident in their ability to learn how to use modern technology.


In addition to this the elderly may face numerous physical challenges that can easily make it difficult to use these devices.  Senior citizens who are suffering from a disability are significantly less likely to utilize digital devices such as smartphones, tablet and iPads.

The Frustration of Using Technology Amongst the Elderly


Nobody will understand the frustration of both the elderly person and the teacher when it comes to showing them how to manage technology if you have not already experienced it for yourself.  Many of us, however, have had to try and help and elderly relative navigate through a certain device or application at some stage in our lives.

Believe it or not there were days when it was completely possible to live without a computer or a cell phone.  The difference, however, is that in these days it is very inconvenient if you do not know how to use technology to attend to everyday matters.


Choices and More Choices!

This is a common complaint amongst the elderly generation.  There are so many devices on the market today it is hard for them to decide on which one is best suited for their needs. The choices are seemingly endless and choosing a device can prove to be a very stressful task for those who are not familiar with technology.


They Are Scared That They Will Break It

Due to the fact that seniors did not grow up using technology it can indeed be a steep learning curve.  Often the seniors are unable to receive the proper training that they need to be able to make use of modern-day technology with confidence.  


This leaves them vulnerable and nervous to even try making use of such technology as they are scared that they are going to break something. They are terrified that they are going to do something wrong and do not necessarily understand that when it comes to technology breaking something is rarely if not impossible todo.


Afraid That Someone Will Access to Their Private Information

Those who did not grow up using technology often do not understand how everything works when it comes to sharing personal information on a computer. The elderly can become extremely agitated and concerned about the security of entering their private information online. 


To make matters worse, they have no doubt heard about identity theft and other privacy scares when it comes to technology driven devices and are very nervous to submit any information that could leave them vulnerable to online scams.


Remembering Their Passwords

While it is generally not safe to use the same password for everything these days, it is not that easy for the elderly to create different logins and passwords for every application that they use.  To them, half the battle is simply being able to login to an application and remember their username and password.


How Can Their Loved Ones Help to Teach Them?


It is a good idea to first show your loved one how easy it is to speak to a friend or relative by using Skype and other similar types of technology.  Begin by gently showing them what this technology has to offer and how it can keep them in contact with others at all times.

Teach Them Slowly and Patiently

Do not overwhelm them and start slowly by giving them multiple small sessions so as to not give them an overload of information all at once.  If they feel too overwhelmed, they are more likely to give up altogether.


It’s important to practice patience as well as to allow them to stop you and ask questions. The more engaged they are, the more likely they are able to take everything in and learn.


Boost Their Confidence

Rather than focus on what they have done wrong, celebrate what they have done right. If you focus on the positives and remain constant in complimenting them on their achievements, they will feel that they are able to learn more and continue making use of the device or program that is being taught to them.


Write Everything Down for Them

The older generation lived most of their lives being able to write down the steps that they need to conquer specific tasks. They are used to writing by hand and if they forget anything when they are on their own, they then have the ability to refer to their notes and carryon trying to get it right.


Familiarize Them with Technology

Making use of games such as Solitaire, or Sudoku is a wonderful way in which to get your elderly relative more engaged with technology.  This also enables them to get used to pressing specific buttons or using a touch screen device.


Advise Them in Internet Safety

Address internet safety with your loved one and teach them how to feel confident that they are not going to be taken advantage of.


Care2Talk can Assist


As more and more people enter their 60s, technology companies will be forced to consider their needs and perspectives.

Care2Talk allows for the ability of integration in care homes by using their application directly within the internal systems of the care home.  Senior citizens are able to have contact with not only family and friends, but also with the care home administration, care-aide, kitchen and in-house doctor.


Care2Talk aims to restore the connectivity that has been lost between seniors and loved ones so as to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression in seniors living in care facilities.

This can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining the emotional health of both patients and caregivers in the care home environment, especially during Covid-19.


Care2Talk is a one touch solution when connecting to loved ones.


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