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The Impact of Video Technology for The Elderly During the Pandemic

December 22, 2020

Video conferencing is technology that allows users in various different locations to hold face to face meetings in one single virtual location. For the elderly living in care homes this can make an exponential difference in overcoming their isolation and loneliness during Covid-19.

Modern day technology. You either love it or you hate it! Unfortunately, in the times that we live in not having access to or being unable to use technology can hinder a person’s day to day activities quite significantly.  


This statement is no different for the elderly living in care homes who have had no choice but to embrace modern day technology in order to stay in touch with their loved ones.


This is especially true amidst Covid-19 and the need to protect the older generation from the dangers of infection. The question is, how are our elderly affected by the critical need for technology in order to stay connected with the world?


What is Video Technology?


Modern technology has been able to pave the way for multiple devices to integrate into society.  These devices have become increasingly faster, portable and high-powered than ever before and has given us the ability to make our lives easier, faster and convenient.


Video conferencing is technology that allows users in various different locations to hold face to face meetings in one single virtual location.  For the elderly living in care homes this can make an exponential difference in overcoming their isolation and loneliness during Covid-19.


Various platforms such as cell phones and tablets have made it possible for millions of people to view a video stream from anywhere in the world at any time.  


The Most Popular Video Technology Platforms Today


Video calling is one of the best ways in which to allow senior citizens to see the faces of their friends and family. This can make the world of difference to those who are already suffering with hearing loss. There are many types of video calling platforms that can be used to communicate with loved ones.



This application is built into Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and MacOS. This platforms has become very popular and can be accessed directly through the app or during iPhone calls.



This application is a telecommunications application that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices and many other devices. Skype also provides its users instant messaging services where they are able to transmit text, video, audio and images.


This is a more corporate video-conferencing platform that has become extremely popular especially during the COVID-19 quarantine. This platform provides video telephony and online chat services through a cloud-based software platform and is used mainly for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations.



WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, is an extremely popular app that is used to send texts and make both audio and video calls to phone numbers all over the world.  WhatsApp is very popular amongst friends and family who live in different countries and want to stay in touch.


Google Duo

Google Duo allows its users to make video calls in high definition. This application is based on phone numbers and enables its users to call someone from their contact list. It features a "Knock Knock" system that gives its users the ability to see a live preview of the caller before answering.


The Care to Talk Application


Despite increasing numbers of older adults accessing the Internet the digital divide between the elderly and the younger generation still exists. This may be due to the fact that older adults use significantly fewer digital applications and spend much less time online than younger adults.


Services such as Skype and other video calling applications have proved to sometimes be somewhat confusing for many senior citizens to navigate their way around.  


It is to this end that Care2Talk realized that they was a massive gap in the market, especially amidst the isolation that had to occur during Covid-19. Care2talk thus resulted from the need to keep the aging population connected to loved ones. This platform provides an easy to use and secure product for care facilities, ministries, institutes, and universities to connect with their various constituents.

This iOS/Android App uses a specially designed interface on a mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive decline and other impairments who may find alternative methods difficult to navigate.


Care2Talk aims to restore the connectivity that has been lost between seniors and loved ones so as to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression in seniors living in care facilities.


The Pros of Video Technology for Senior Citizens


For many senior citizens the use devices and applications can provide them with the freedom to live more independently and move through their daily lives with more peace of mind.  It has opened up new opportunities for our aged and has allowed for a significant increase in mobility and connectivity.


There are so many new types of technology cropping up every day and it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for the elderly to adapt to new platforms.  It is important to remember that this technology has been designed to make their lives easier, and sometimes all it takes is a little bit of instruction and practice to learn how to get it right.



Care2Talks remote access allows administrators to make changes to contacts, view recorded conversations and even troubleshoot any issues from anywhere in the world.


There is unlimited on-boarding training and support and we will work with you to ensure that you fully understand how all of our tools and features work. We offer training videos, virtual face-face meetings and full support from out IT team.


The Importance of Social Connectivity for The Elderly

For many seniors the year 2020 has been made up of an extended episodes of isolation made even worse by being separated by their friends and family. Helping them to make use of video and social networking platforms are a great way for them to easily stay in touch with those that they love.


For these people all it can take is the ability to speak with a loved one face to face, even though it is virtual, through using a computer screen or mobile device to help to ease their feelings of despair and loneliness.


Care2Talk allows for the ability of integration in care homes by using their application directly within the internal systems of the care home.  Senior citizens are able to have contact with not only family and friends, but also with the care home administration, care-aide, kitchen and in-house doctor.


How Video Technology Can Benefit the Elderly during Covid-19


There are many types of technology that can be made available to older adults and seniors who are compromised physically. Video calling is readily available and can assist them to attend family events virtually though using a multitude of video conferencing services and applications.


When seniors live far away from their families or are living in care homes, the virtual connection with caregivers and loved ones is extremely important to both their physical and mental health.


Help Them to Make the Call


It is in times like these that learning how to use technology can help to propel an elderly person from feelings of fear and loneliness to feelings of freedom and independence.


If you have an elderly loved one who is battling with loneliness and isolation during Covid-19 it important to look out for them and help them to set up the technology that could greatly enhance their lives.


Let Us Help You


Care2Talk is an iOS/Android App which uses a specially designed interface on a mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive decline, or other impairments, which may make alternatives difficult to navigate.

This includes individuals with conditions associated with:

• Aging & Dementia

• Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities

• Brain Injuries

• Vision Impairment

• Physical Disabilities


Visit: to learn more.


Our goal is to ease the communication hurdles between seniors and their family and friends.


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