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The Importance Of Empowering Our Elderly To Use Video Technology

September 14, 2021

Video technology is used all over the world and has become an integral part of life as we know it. Video technology allows you to connect with family and loved ones no matter how far away you are from each other.

There is no doubt that technology has become an extremely powerful tool during the Covid-19 pandemic and has allowedf or economies, businesses, and socialization to continue, even though it may be virtually.

For those who have grown up with technology or have been introduced to it earlier on in life, it has the power to fill at least some of the voids that need to be filled during the pandemic and periods of isolation.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the elderly learning how to use technology can be quite a challenge.

Modern technology can be hard to keep up with, even for those who know how to work it. In this article, we will look at why it is a good idea to keep the elderly in touch with the outside world, how to teach them to embrace technology a well as tips on how to teach them to use it.

Why is Technology Important For The Elderly?


Elderly people who are living alone at home or in a care facility do not usually go out as much as they would like to.

Worse, still, those living in care home sare unable to receive visits with their loved ones during the pandemic making it impossible for them to stay in contact if they do not know how to use technology.

In turn, this can cause loneliness and depression amongst the older generation. Increased anxiety, loneliness, and depression can in turn add to other health risks such as decreased physical mobility and an increase in disorders such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

For this reason that it has become imperative for the aged to be taught as much as possible about video communication to give them the freedom to chat with their loved ones at the click of a button.

At Care2Talk we realize how important it is for your elderly loved one to be able to contact their family and friends at any time without physically having to see them.

This is what drove us to design an application that is greatly beneficial to those living in care homes.

The Benefits of Technology For Seniors


There are countless benefits when it comes to technology for senior citizens. It can be a life-changing experience that can substantially enrich their lives while at the same time preventing any mental or physical health issues.

Here are a few reasons why technology can benefit your loved one's life:

Social Connections

Video calling applications, and social media can help them to share thoughts, news, and pictures with their loved ones.

Mental Stimulation 

Learning new things and being able to participate in activities help to challenge the brain, especially if you want to protect your loved one from diseases such as dementia.

Encourages Exercise

The internet offers the elderly access to online videos and exercise routines that can cater to their specific needs and keep them physically active.

Helps with Health Care

Health care is just a click away when your loved one has been taught how to use technology. There are even applications that can remind them to take their medication!

A lot of doctors and healthcare practices use technology to allow senior citizens to easily access any test results or set up a doctor's appointment.

Helping Your Loved One Learn How To Use Technology

Teaching an elderly loved on to learn how to use technology may take a while. Remember "Rome was not built in a day". This is all completely new to them so be sure to understand how anxious they could be at the thought of learning something new.

Try to use the following steps when teaching your loved one to use technology:

1. Explain The Importance of Video Technology to Them

Don't just explain the importance of video technology to your loved ones, show them! Connect with someone on a video call and let them be a part of the call. This way they can see how much video calling has to offer.

Once they get the hang of it tell them that they can even book doctors' appointments, shop for groceries, or play games all from the comfort of their own home or care home.

2. Be Patient 

Once your loved one has decided to give it a try you must take the time to answer all of their questions in detail.

-       Let them try to navigate a tablet or mobile device on their own and only step in if you feel the need to.Explain to them that there is nothing that cannot be fixed and that if they click the wrong button at the wrong time, they can go back and start again.

-       Keep their minds absorbed and interested in the mobile device and what it has to offer them and be prepared to repeat steps more than once until they can understand how to do certain things themselves.

-       It is important to tell them how well they are doing, even if they are batting, and explain to them that nobody of any age gets it right the first time. This will help them to feel more confident and know that they are not the only ones who have had to learn how to use technology from scratch.

-       Always remember to celebrate even the smallest of victories and tell them how well they are doing. Remind them of all the things that they are doing right. Positive praise and encouragement will make them eager to carry on learning.

Care2Talk is a video technology platform that provides an easy-to-use and secure product for care facilities,ministries, institutes, and universities to connect with their various constituents seamlessly.

This iOS/Android App uses a specially designed interface on a mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive decline and other impairments who may find alternative methods difficult to navigate.

3. One Step At A Time 

Bear in mind that your loved one is usually not going to learn how to make use of a video calling application in one day and be prepared to have more than one session to teach them how to use a video calling application.

Do not try to teach them everything all at once. This will make them feel overwhelmed and can even cause them to give up completely!

4. Let them Write It Down

Elderly people grew up using pen and paper so as strange as it may seem to you, it is very important to allow them to write down the instructions that you give them as you go along.

It is very useful to give them a notebook to use so that they can refer back to it when you are not there to remind them what to do. You will be surprised at how, if written down, they will be able to log in and try it out for themselves.

5. Internet Safety and Security

The majority of the elderly have concerns about their privacy and protection while using the internet. Most internet security risks happen as a result of online scammers who prey on the elderly or those who are not used to technology.

The thought of this may scare them a little but ensure them that the benefits of being able to use technology far outweigh the security risks if they are handled properly

Warn your loved ones about any internet scams that they could be subjected to and remind them to never give out any personal information or click on any suspicious links that have been sent to them no matter what they think it may be for.

Teach them how to set passwords on all of their applications and help them to download a password manager application. Alternatively, let them write their passwords down in a notebook so that they can refer back to them as they need them.

Why Choose Care2Talk 

Simple Touch Video Calling With CC

To initiate a video call just simply toucha button!

Care2Talk's Web Portal

The Care2Talk app was designed with care communities in mind. Manage all devices and payments from our Web portal.

Closed Network

We make it easy to share contacts and information all over the world. The connection just got easier!

Remote Access

Account administrators can easily make changes to contacts, view recorded conversations, or even troubleshoot issues from any location in the world.

At Care2Talk we have committed ourselves to cater to seniors who want to stay in touch with their loved one by simply touching a button.

Give Seniors The Power To Be More Online Than Ever Before

Thanks to technological advancements, seniors have so much more ways in which to contact the outside world. This can greatly increase the quality of their life and help them to feel included in society.

Remind them that it will enrich their lives in more ways than one and that that empowering them to learn how to use technology will cause more happiness than it will stress.

As a family member, it is your job to play an important role in introducing them to life-changing applications that can assist them to become part of society aga

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