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Tips on Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

January 4, 2021

With Covid-19 rearing its ugly head in 2020 things have had to change in order for us to maintain communication with our ageing loved ones who are living in care homes. The question we so often ask ourselves is, “Can senior citizens willingly be taught how to learn about technology?”

The world is forever changing, and technology dominates our lives on a daily basis. Without technology many of us would be lost, but for the elderly technology is just another overwhelming thing that most do not care to learn or be a part of.  

With Covid-19 rearing its ugly head in 2020 things have had to change in order for us to maintain communication with our ageing loved ones who are living in care homes. The question we so often ask ourselves is, “Can senior citizens willingly be taught how to learn about technology?”.


Sometimes elderly people feel inadequate as their bodies and minds are not what they used to be.  It can be a challenge to help them in this transition, but there are ways that you can help boost their confidence when it comes to learning how to use technology.


Helping Them to Learn


Many people struggle with loneliness in their later years. Fortunately, technology has the ability to solve this. There are many organizations that provide applications and training that are focused towards senior citizens. This training is often free or at a minimal cost.  


As a family member, you can even take the initiative and endeavor to teach your loved one the basics of today’s technology.  It is important to note that tech training can help to build much needed confidence as well as new connections in in the lives of many senior citizens.


Teaching your loved one the basics of technology can help them to reconnect with long-lost friends and family members. They will learn that even if they live hundreds of miles away from their friends and relatives they still have the ability to keep in contact with them.  Teach them how to play easy online games as well as how to start video conversations or even share their day to day lives by using social media.


Tips on How to Teach the Older Generation About Technology

Show Them Why They Need Technology

Show them how easy it is to talk to a friend who is living in another country by using applications such as Skype, FaceTime,Care2Talk and other applications.  This enables them to understand everything that technology has to offer, and that loneliness can become a thing of the past. It also teaches them that they can have a social life without even having to leave the house of the care home in which they are living.

Make it Sound Simple and Take It Slow

Remember to be very careful when using technical jargon. There are many new words that the Internet has created that will make no sense to an elderly person who does not know anything about technology.  It may be a good idea to ask them what they know about technology and what words they are currently familiar with when referring to the topic.


Start slowly and being with a number of different sessions rather than one big session so as to avoid an information overload.  This can leave them feeling overwhelmed and helpless and make them want to give up altogether.  Do not give them to many tasks to navigate on their own and understand that it could take multiple tries before they even start to begin to get it right.


Allow them to do things the old-fashioned way and let them use a notebook or a piece of paper to write down the steps that they need to remember.  This can help to jog their memory when you are not around to help them.


In some cases, your elderly loved one may be unable to master technology, especially if they are already battling from other health-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia or cognitive disabilities.


Care2Talk has the ability to bridge the communication gap between the elderly and their loved ones:

Simple to Use One Touch Video Calling

To initiate a video call, tap the call button next to your online contact, once in the call, you can choose to hide your video, mute yourself, flip the camera or hang up.


A Closed System

The Care2Talk number is the unique identifier and is used when adding contacts.

Remote access allows administrators to make changes to contacts, view recorded conversations and even troubles hoot any issues from anywhere in the world.


Unlimited Onboarding Training and Support

Care2Talk will work with you to ensure that you fully understand how all of our tools and features work. We offer training videos, virtual face-face meetings and full support from our IT team.


The Benefits of Technology for The Elderly


Although technology may seem intimidating, frustrating, and intrusive to the elderly it can also open many doors, provide increased safety and offer them many fun filled activities and interactions with the outside world.


There are many benefits of technology for seniors:

Social Connectivity

There are so many platforms to choose from when it comes to connecting with family, friends and other people who share common interests.  Don’t, however, give your loved one too many options to choose from as this can confuse and upset them. Try to stick to one or two platforms so that they do not have to remember too much.

Provide Mental Stimulation

It is a known fact that learning new concepts and participating in certain activities can challenge the brain and offer some protection from dementia. This mental stimulation is provided when your loved one is learning how to use technology. Even a simple video game can give them hours of mental stimulation and exercise.

Health Care

Technology can make health care a lot easier by offering them applications, audible reminders and even online hospital and doctors’ programs so as to keep an up to date record of their medication lists, health histories and easy access to their own test results.


Care2Talk allows for the ability of integration in care homes by using their application directly within the internal systems of the care home.  Senior citizens are able to have contact with not only family and friends, but also with the care home administration, care-aide, kitchen and in-house doctor.




For most of the older population technology can seem extremely overwhelming and scary. It is important to remember that senior citizens see technology as a foreign concept due to the fact that they more than likely did use it in their younger years.


At Care2Talk we realized that there was a huge gap in the services available to connect seniors or people with dementia or cognitive disabilities with their caretakers, family or friends. This particularly applies to the way in which our elderly battle to make use of technology to connect with their loved ones.


Our application was built to allow for a better exchange of information since both speaker and listener are able to see and interpret body language and facial expressions.


Care2Talk offers yearly updates as technology changes and will make sure that their customers receive the latest version when rolling out updates at no extra charge.


The Bottom Line


Trying to teach your loved one how to use technology is a worthwhile exercise, but at the same time you should accept the fact that they may never understand it as much as you would like them to.


Make provision for this possibility and try to get them to use applications that are easy to navigate and understand. If all else fails, then it is important to consider an application that you can help them to use.


Our application allows for remote access that enables yourself, another family member or a caregiver to assist your loved one with the application from wherever you or they may be situated.

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